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New Mexico Makers Project

"The Trail," Shiprock, New Mexico, 2013.

Our missions is simple: to celebrate the people who make New Mexico.

There is no other place like New Mexico on earth. New Mexico with its green chili and blue skies--it is a place unrivaled with its painted sunsets, its watermelon colored mountains and, most importantly, its incredibly diverse cast of people who make it one of the most beautiful and special places on the planet. People, who despite this increasingly commodified world of mass produced goods, have chosen to slow down and create, with their own two hands and their hearts.

Drawing from traditions that are in some cases thousands of years old, New Mexico Makers Project was conceived as a way to meet and celebrate as many of these people as possible.

To purchase something that someone has made is a way to reconnect with the very heart of who we are, to celebrate the art of creation and share it with others.

From hat to basket makers, chefs to aerialists, poets to plant foragers, we are traveling the state to find people who not only make but inspire. These are their stories.

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